12 March 2006

Flipper (starring Paul Hogan and Elijah Wood)

'Flipper' is a delightful film for all the family, starring Elijah Wood before he became famous as 'Frodo' in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. In this film, Wood, aged 15 at the time, plays Sandy, a rather morose boy who has been sent for the summer to stay with his Uncle Porter (sensitively played by Paul Hogan).

At first Sandy complains about everything and is determined not to have any fun at all. But then he sees Flipper, a friendly and very intelligent dolphin. A special relationship develops between the two of them, and Sandy's summer is transformed.

There are some rather tense moments - which is, I suppose, why this film is rated PG rather than U - and some unpleasant bad guys, but overall this is an uplifting story about the influence a dolphin can have over a moody teenager.

Watched with my husband - like me, he vaguely remembered the television series of the same name from our childhood - and our 17-year-old son who was a little cynical at first... but we all enjoyed it very much.

Definitely recommended.

Review copyright Sue's DVD Reviews