11 August 2008

Coming Home (starring Emily Mortimer, Joanna Lumley and Peter O'Toole)

Having loved all the books by Rosamunde Pilcher, I was at first a little reluctant to get hold of the film versions of her saga novels, since I felt they would inevitably be disappointing. However, tempted by positive reviews, I finally put them on my wishlists, and was pleased to receive 'Coming Home' for my birthday.

This is a made-for-TV adaptation of Pilcher’s wartime novel 'Coming Home'. As such, it was longer than most films, coming on two DVDs of about 100 minutes each.

Admittedly it's a few years since I read the book, but I thought it was a very good adaptation on the whole. There were some minor character changes, and alterations to the plot which I was aware of, but the bulk of it seemed to me to be pretty close to the book.

The actors were excellent, Joanna Lumley bringing the materialistic (but caring) Diana Carey-Lewis to life, and Emily Mortimer as a most believable Judith, sent to boarding school while her parents and little sister return to a job abroad.

Like the book, this film was very emotional in places, and gripping throughout. There were some surprising nudity shots and non-explicit love scenes, which I suppose is why the UK rating is 12; oddly enough, it is not rated at all in the USA.

Ardent fans of Pilcher's books might object to the changes made to this version, but I would recommend it in general to those who have not read the book as well as to those who have.

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