25 April 2007

Notting Hill (starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts)

'Notting Hill' is one of those films that Amazon kept on recommending to me. I like Hugh Grant very much as an actor, I'm growing to like Julia Roberts as an actress, and my preferred genre is the light romantic comedy films, where the humour is light rather than slapstick. So it went on my wishlist, and I received it as a gift.

What an absolutely delightful film it is, too! William - superbly cast as Hugh Grant - is a not-very-successful bookshop owner, getting along well enough when into his shop comes Anna (Julia Roberts). Anna is a popular and beautiful actress, and William doesn't really know how to relate to her... particularly when, meeting her again, he spills something down her front.

There's not much more I can say about the plot without giving the story away. Actually, there isn't really a whole lot of plot - it's a character-based film, gently paced, with several moving moments. The chemistry between the two principals is excellent. We thought it was very well done, the tone set right from the start.

I suppose it could be summed up as a light and somewhat predictable romance story, but it's one of those that leaves the viewer warmed and inspired.

A little surprisingly 'Notthing Hill' is rated 15 in the UK although there's no violence, almost no bad language, and only the subtlest of sex scenes. The US rating of PG-13 is perhaps more suitable.

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