04 October 2010

Runaway Bride (starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere)

'Runaway Bride' was another Amazon recommendation, when browsing DVDs for my wishlist. Probably due to both the genre of those I had previous rated, and the actors.

I'm pleased it was recommended to me. This is not a heavy film, nor is there any thought-provoking message or deep issue. Instead, it's a light-hearted romantic comedy', probably intended mostly for woman but enjoyable for a cosy evening in for a couple too.

The story features Ike (Richard Gere), a reporter who hears about a young woman who has apparently run away, at the last minute, from several weddings. He is rather intrigued by what he reads, so researches for a while and writes an article based on what he’s heard. However, his paper receives an angry rebuttal from Maggie (Julia Roberts), the young woman in question. So Ike decides to investigate further…

The style is typical ‘rom-com’, with a fairly predictable ending, but we thought it was nicely done. Julia Roberts as Maggie is excellent, as is Richard Gere as Ike. Perhaps Maggie’s fear of commitment is somewhat overdone, and her previous boyfriends - who feature both in the present and the past - are rather caricatured. But still, there were some amusing moments, plenty of action, and a fast-paced plot.

Overall, we agreed that this was an enjoyable film which didn’t require much brainpower. Rated PG in both the UK and USA.

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