29 January 2007

Houseboat (starring Cary Grant and Sophia Loren)

'Houseboat' is one of those films I picked up on special offer, probably a 'three for ten pounds' kind of thing, where it looked interesting enough to go with two other DVDs that we actually wanted. It's not something I would necessarily have chosen, although even I have heard of Cary Grant and Sophia Loren, and it was billed as a light family comedy.

The story is about a widower (Cary Grant) with three rather riotous children, who is having a string of bad luck. It's also about a rich young lady (Sophia Loren) who runs away from home and takes a job as nanny to the children, without revealing her identity.

Most of the film takes place while the family are on holiday in a houseboat... which is not quite as expected, so various predictable disasters ensue. And, of course, there's a romantic element...

We thought it was a reasonable film; not bad, exactly, but a bit dull. I don't know why it was considered so brilliant, but then there weren't so many films made in 1958. It's in colour, but feels very dated, and despite the stars a lot of it seemed rather over-acted. Still, it makes a pleasant enough story in the end - certainly innocuous family viewing, hence the U rating for the UK.

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