02 June 2007

Heaven can Wait (starring Warren Beatty and Julie Christie)

I've no idea how we came to have this movie on our shelves. Perhaps it was on special offer at one of the sites offering three for ten pounds. Or perhaps we thought it would be better than it was, and added it to one of our wishlists.

Whatever the circumstances, we sat down to watch 'Heaven can Wait' last night. It was a strange and unusual plot, yet rather unmemorable.

The basic idea is that an American football player (Warren Beatty) is in an accident, and almost dies... but an over-enthusiastic angel takes him to heaven anyway so that, as far as anyone knows on earth, he has indeed passed away. By the time the mistake has been discovered, his body is no more, but the rules state he has to go somewhere, as he doesn't yet have a place allocated in Heaven.

So he returns to earth in the body of a millionaire who has just been assassinated, and rather confuses his family...

There was a lot of potential for drama, or humour.. unfortunately, it wasn't realised. Not a bad movie, I suppose, but not a great one either.

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