19 May 2008

Quantum Leap series 3 (starring Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell)

I have so enjoyed re-watching Quantum Leap, which was the only TV programme I used to watch when we lived in America in the early 1990s. Finding the entire series available on DVD was a wonderful surprise - and we've gradually been watching them all.

Season 3 was a Christmas present at the end of 2007, which was excellent timing as we were approaching the end of series 2. We've watched the 22 episodes of this season in just four months, which is a tribute to how much we have enjoyed them; I don't, in general, watch television at all, or more than about two DVDs per month. But somehow, in this series, Sam and Al - brilliantly played, as ever, by Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell, respectively - began to feel more like friends as we got to know both of them rather better.

This season begins with the moving and thought-provoking two-part story called 'The Leap Home'. We meet some of Sam's family as he leaps back into his own history, first trying to help his high school basketball team, and then to see his brother in the war with Vietnam. Sam has to make some difficult decisions, and we learn quite a bit about his past.

In other episodes, Sam becomes a priest, a beauty queen, a motorcycle rebel, a pregnant teenager... and much more. There's a rather predictable Christmas episode that's very fluffy, and at the other extreme, an episode where Sam is a convicted man on 'Death Row'. Inevitably some are more amusing than others - often depending on the banter between Sam and Al - and some are quite thought-provoking. There seems to be a wider variety of characters in this season than the previous ones, and Scott Bakula shows how very talented he is, in that they all seem believable.

This series makes more sense if one has seen at least the first series, but it's not necessary to have done so - nor is it necessary to watch them all in order, although we have enjoyed doing so.

Definitely recommended. Rated 12 in the UK, probably due to some violence and innuendoes, but unrated in the USA.

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