23 October 2008

Quantum Leap series 4 (starring Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell)

I have been a fan of Quantum Leap since it was on TV 15 years ago or more. An unlikely fan, in a way, since I don't in general like science fiction or fast action. But somehow the theme - that of someone stuck in a time travel experiment, bouncing around the decades directed by God to sort out 'what once went wrong' appealed - and still appeals - to my imagination. Scptt Bakula as Sam is a wonderful hero, and Dean Stockwell as his holographic sidekick Al provides a lot of humour, some of it rather bawdy.

I was delighted to have learned that all the Quantum Leap episodes are available on DVD, sold by the five different seasons for which the series ran on television (originally in the USA, but also broadcast in the UK).

We have managed to watch two or three episodes each month, and it has taken us nearly six months in all to see the fourth series. There were some excellent great episodes, including one where Sam becomes a chimp - it was very well done. We particularly enjoyed the an amazing finale to this series, when Sam leaps back into Al as a young man, caught up in a murder trial.

Unsurprisingly there are, if we thought about it in any depth, a few logic leaps. It's almost inevitable in any story involving time travel. But one has to suspend reality while watching this kind of show. More importantly from my perspective, there were also some amusing quips, and fascinating insights into both Al and Sam, as we explore a little of their past and get to know them better.

Definitely recommended. The UK rating is 15, probably due to some violence, bad language, and sexual references. Not intended for younger children.

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