27 April 2009

Music of the Heart (starting Meryl Streep)

'Music of the Heart' is one of the many DVDs recommended to me by Amazon, possibly because of others which I had previously rated, or perhaps because I particularly like films starring the brilliantly adaptable Meryl Streep.

They certainly got it right with this particular movie.

'Music of the Heart' is based on a true story. Roberta (played by Meryl Streep) is devastated by her husband’s sudden departure, made all the more difficult because she needs to support her two young sons. She manages to persuade the headmistress of an inner city Harlem school to take her on as an extra music teacher, to teach children to play the violin.

The music teacher is highly cynical and the Head is not sure it’s possible… but Roberta has her own unique style, and over time she works what can only be considered as miracles in the most unlikely of children.

The theme is a bit like that of my all-time favourite film, ‘Mr Holland’s Opus’ and similar stories. It’s heart-warming, very moving in places, and extremely well made. The children are delightful, the sub-plots keep it moving, and the ending truly magnificent, with a text epilogue explaining what happened in reality. Meryl Streep, it need hardly be said, is perfect for the starring role.

Absolutely wonderful. I’m sure I’ll be watching this one again, and I don’t say that very often about any DVD.

Highly recommended.

Rated PG in both the UK and USA, probably because of some mild language and minor suggestions of intimacy. Unfortunately very expensive currently at Amazon UK, but often available used, or at other sites.

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