13 July 2009

Billy Liar (starring Tom Courtenay)

'Billy Liar' is a fairly is a popular classic film from 1963, which I hadn’t seen before. Possibly I would never have done so, but for a free offer in a Saturday paper, passed on to us by relatives.

Billy (Tom Courtenay) is a young man who dreams of a better life, and has a fantasy world which he escapes to at times. Unfortunately, despite being an adult working as a clerk, he has still not learned to distinguish fact from fantasy. So he makes ups stories not just for his parents but also tells them to his friends and colleagues.

Billy has managed to get engaged to two different young women, due to this bizarre character quirk, and is in big trouble for having forgotten to post a large number of calendars some months previously.

It felt extremely old-fashioned in style, more like a 1950s film. There were a few amusing moments, and it was interesting to see the film that – apparently – was the first one featuring the young Julie Christie. But on the whole I thought it silly rather than humorous, and basically a sad reflection of someone living such a boring life that he has never grown up.

Rather a discouraging ending, too. Not really recommended.

Rated PG in the UK, but not rated at all in the US. Not currently available in America.

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