03 September 2009

Quantum Leap series 5 (starring Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell)

We have been watching the entire five series of Quantum Leap on DVD for nearly four years now – one or two at a time, usually once or twice per month. And, at last, have finished watching the fifth and final series.


'Quantum Leap' was originally an American TV series in the late 1980s, early 1990s, which I became quite hooked on for many months. I was therefore delighted when they were all, gradually, released on DVD enabling me to re-watch episodes I had enjoyed, and catch up with those I had missed.

The series features Sam (brilliantly played by Scott Bakula) as a quantum physicist. In the first series he was caught up in a time travel experiment and found himself leaping around from person to person in different dates withinhis own lifetime, ‘putting right what once went wrong’. He is aided - and sometimes hindered - by his hologram sidekick Al (Dean Stockwell) who co-ordinates between Sam's new reality and the computer back home. Al, as a serial womaniser, provides much of the humour of the series.

We started watching this fifth and final series in the middle of 2009, slowing down our pace as we reached the last DVD, not really wanting it to finish. It's a powerful set of episodes, including one about Marilyn Monroe, one about John F Kennedy, and a few slightly odd (and tense) ones when another time traveller becomes involved... with aims opposite to Sam's.

We finally watched the last two episodes a few days ago. The penultimate one showed Sam becoming Elvis Presley just before he was discovered; he is supposed to help someone else, but also must ensure that Elvis does not lose his chance of fame. More light-hearted than some, I particularly enjoyed that episode. However, I was less impressed by the final one which was rather confusing, and ended, in my view, rather too abruptly.

Still, this series was well worth watching, if only because we learn rather more about the whole 'Quantum Leap' experiment. I’m no fan of science fiction in general, but I love the interactions between Sam and Al, and the wide range of scenarios covered. Character development is good too, and there are some amusing moments, as well as some clever references to history, from time to time.

Definitely recommended.

Quantum Leap Series 5 is rated 12 in the UK (in other words, not suitable for children under that age) but is not rated in the USA.

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