12 March 2010

Sleepless in Seattle (starring Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and Ross Malinger

'Sleepless in Seattle' is one of those films I had heard about, many times, but for some reason had never actually seen. But, at last, I was given a copy, and we sat down to watch it one evening recently.

It’s a classic rom-com, but the 'romance' part is well done, and the 'comedy' part amusing and fairly subtle rather than being overdone. Tom Hanks is superb as Sam, a recently widowed young father who is still grieving the wife he loved. His young son, Jonah, expertly played by Ross Malinger, decides to phone a radio show to ask for advice about his depressed dad.

The conversation is heard on the car radio by Annie (Meg Ryan) who is driving at the time, en route to stay with her fiance, the rather too-good-to-be-true Walter (Bill Pullman).

There are some quite moving moments as well as the light humour, and I thought it was a good storyline. The ending is somewhat predictable, but satisfactory nonetheless. Nothing particularly deep or thought-provoking, but certainly worth watching.

All in all, we thought it an enjoyable evening’s light escapism.

Rated PG in both UK and USA, probably due to some mild bad language.

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