26 February 2006

ET - The Extra Terrestrial (starring Henry Thomas)

ET - the Extra Terrestrial - was hailed as a classic movie in a relatively short time. It's one of a handful of films that I actually saw at the cinema when it was newly released, back in 1982, and I was totally captivated by it.

The story is about a young boy called Elliot, superbly cast as Henry Thomas. He comes across an alien who has been left behind by its spaceship, and dubs him ET. He tries to hide him at first, but his older brother and sister are soon in on the secret, although their parents are skeptical.

ET is highly intelligent, and over the course of a day manages to teach himself to speak English by watching television. There are several very amusing scenes which almost turn into slapstick, but stay just short of it.

However, Elliot seems to have an uncanny rapport with ET, and when the little alien becomes ill, Elliot does too. There are some tense moments when it seems as if ET will be taken away... but inevitably there is a positive (if bittersweet) conclusion.

A wonderful film for all the family, which I was very happy to watch again now it's out on DVD. My husband was glad to see it again too, and our 17-year-old son (who had never previously seen it) totally captivated.

Highly recommended for any age, with the caution that there are some slightly scary scenes that could be disturbing to a young and sensitive child.

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