26 October 2007

Father of the Bride (starring Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor)

Flying on a plane with individual choice of films to watch, the only one that appealed to me was the 1950s black-and-white version of 'Father of the Bride'. I knew that there was a 1990s remake starting Steve Martin, but knew little about the plot other than assuming that there was a wedding involved somewhere.

The movie begins with the respectable and slightly grumpy Stanley (superbly played by Spencer Tracy) sighing over the cost and mess produced by his daughter Kay (Elizabeth Taylor) having been married.

The rest of the film looks back over the circumstances leading up to the wedding, from the time when Kay mentioned her young man for the first time, progressing through all the rituals that were common in 1950s America - inviting him to dinner, meeting his parents, and so on.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this film. Parts of it were very moving, perhaps all the more so since we had just said goodbye to our son who was working at the other side of the world. I scarcely noticed the lack of colour after the first five minutes or so, and was drawn right into the story, smiling in places, and even shedding a little tear in others.

Definitely recommended, if this kind of film appeals to you.

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